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Sinofintech apply the cutting edge technology and research in blockchain, AI and big data to all industries in China.


Search and Optimization, Probability Inferrence, Classifiers and Statistical Learning Methods, Deep Learning and Neural Networks, CNN, RNN, Bayesian Networks, Control Theory

Big data

Big data infrastructure, data engineering, data warehouse


Cryptography research, core development, mechanism design


Mr. Guo Yong spent more than 15 years working in tech companies in Silicon Valley and top global financial institutions. He served as a consultant and executive at global companies such as KPMG, World Bank, Apple, and LinkedIn. He founded two big data companies in Silicon Valley and successfully exited. Mr. Guo graduated from Carnegie Mellon University majoring in electrical computer engineering and is the Conrad scholarship recipient of the department.

CB Insights AI 100 Award

Dr. Thien is an artificial intelligence expert at Google Inc., a Ph.D. from Virginia Tech University and a bachelor from Tsinghua University. He has profound understanding and experience in combining artificial intelligence, software engineering with industry use cases.

Fortune 5 Hottest Companies in Fintech

Dr. Zhang is the expert in the field of physical chemistry in the United States. He is very familiar with the frontiers of big data and artificial intelligence algorithms. He is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, a Ph.D. at Virginia Tech University.

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